How to get to SC18, a pictorial description

First, you have to get a very nice letter of support from STEM-Trek…

On the day of travel you have get to, in my case, OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg where you find

You are not leaving for a while

Thirteen hours later you arrive at one of the biggest and best airports in the world, but which has the scariest home affairs officials, Frankfurt International Airport.

You wait outside your boarding gate for four hours, great view!

Another 12 hours later you land at Dallas Fort Worth International where you meet the the most friendliest airport Home Affairs official and you know you are gonna have a great time! You take a SuperShuttle to you home for the week.

Your home is so beautiful you wanna cry, all American with a picket fence and all!

But it’s been about 30 hours of little to no sleep, you come crashing down…

BOOM! Down for 2 days!

Two days later, all energies back, jet-leg dealt with you find your way to the Dallas Convention Centre. You have a free train pass to the whole city!!!




You travel like a normal citizen, YEAY, ooh wait, is that a phone charging at a train station platform??? WOW, they’re going to hear about this in South Africa!

You have arrived!

First session: Women in High Performance Computing, stay tuned!




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